19th century barristers wig in original tin case.

19th century barristers wig in original tin case.

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W: 22cm (8.7")H: 29cm (11.4")D: 22cm (8.7")


An original barristers wig with fitted tin case, manufactured by Ravenscroft.

This wonderful 19th century woven horsehair barristers wig is in original condition and has not been repaired or restored. The maker's label is still present to the inside. The curls and knotting are in good order as is the internal webbing.

The original 'riser' or stand is still present.

The paint to the fitted tin case is thin and worn out in places but the gilt lettering of the previous owner's name 'Mr Gunner' is largely intact. The original latch is present so is the hinge to the rear and brass handle to the top. 

Thomas Ravenscroft founded his wig making business in Serle Street, Lincoln's Inn, London. Barristers and judges started wearing wigs as court dress, circa 1680. For 150 years, the legal wig was usually of powdered white or grey hair. In 1822, Humphrey Ravenscroft invented a legal wig made of whitish-grey horsehair that did not need frizzing, curling, perfuming or powdering.


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