19th century leather fire bucket

19th century leather fire bucket

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H: 35cm (13.8")Di: 26cm (10.2")

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'KP 12' leather fire bucket, manufactured by Tilley.

This leather fire bucket is heavily worn in places but it's various knocks and losses are all part of it's character and charm. It has 'Tilley' (who traded between 1820 - 1850) impressed into the base. The wooden rim has extensive damage and the section which remains is fragile with signs of old wood worm and it has lost it's leather covering. The heavy wire looped stitching is exposed in places. The leather handle is still attached through iron rings and wire loop stitches. The initials 'KP' and the number '12' are painted on one side, here there are scuffs, marks and scrapes as expected from an item of this kind of age, material and use. 


Circa 1840


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