Early 20th century toleware golden syrup dispenser

Early 20th century toleware golden syrup dispenser

Code: 10426


W: 28cm (11")H: 28cm (11")D: 26cm (10.2")


An original early 20th century toleware Golden Syrup dispenser.

This wonderful counter-top Golden Syrup dispenser in is original 'as found' condition. The gilt lettering and decoration to the front, although a little faded, is still clear and legible. The hinged lid is well attached and opens and closes as it should. There is a run down the left hand side on the front, the ceramic knob to the hinged lid has a piece missing at the back, there are signs of surface rust to the exposed metal work, the cast iron tap has siezed and there are the usual scuffs, marks and scratches as expected from an item of this age and material. This rare example displays really well, the hand-painted gold lettering with it's drop shadow jumps off the black background to grab your attention. 


Please remember that you are purchasing vintage items. They have lived a life and will have the age related wear which gives the items their original and unique character.

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