Large painted wooden train and carriages by Lines Bros Ltd.

Large painted wooden train and carriages by Lines Bros Ltd.

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An impressive large painted wooden train and carriages by Lines Bros. Ltd of Merton, London.

There are the usual scuffs, marks, wear and tear you would expect from a 'play-worn' item of this age and material, which all adds to it's charm and appeal. Left unrestored to maintain it's originality and authenticity, the tinplate wheels all rotate on their axles, although the larger grey carriage is missing it's 'couplers'. The Lines Brothers and LMS details to the sides of the train are present and legible and the original paint still has good depth of colour. As well as appealing to vintage toy collectors this scarce train set would make a great decorative item in a vintage interior setting. 

Circa 1930s


Train: 50cm long, 11cm wide, 19cm high.

Large grey carriage: 31cm long, 11cm wide, 19cm high. Smaller grey carriage: 31cm long, 11cm wide, 13cm high.

Red tanker: 31cm long, 11cm wide, 19cm high.

Red carriage with crane: 31cm long, 11cm wide, approx 38cm high as pictured, the crane arm rotates on it's base and is adjustable in height.


Please remember that you are purchasing vintage items. They have lived a life and will have the age related wear which gives the items their original and unique character.

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