Negretti and Zambra tabletop stereoscope

Negretti and Zambra tabletop stereoscope

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W: 26cm (10.2")H: 42cm (16.5")D: 22cm (8.7")


A tabletop stereoviewer with glass slides, manufactured by Negretti and Zambra of London.

This fine stereoviewer or stereoscope is in working order, its internal carousel mechanism has capacity for 50 slides. The image is changed by rotating the handles on either side of the viewer. There are two other smaller handles for adjusting the focus of the image by moving the eye-pieces closer to or further from the image. The hinged lid is missing a catch but is well attached and opens and closes as it should allowing access to the carousel which appears to be able to hold stereocards as well as the glass slides currently present. There is some rusting to the carousel mechanism but it revolves as it should. There is a ground glass screen to the back which is free from and chips or cracks.  The lenses in the eye-pieces are intact and allow the images to be viewed clearly, the focussing adjustments work as they should. To the front there is an ivorine makers label for Negretti & Zambra - London.

The company was established in 1850 by Italians Henry Negretti and Joseph Warren Zambra, who eventually became official suppliers to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, The Royal Observatory and British Admiralty. In 1853 Negretti and Zambra started to branch into stereo photography, making good quality instruments as well as publishing stereoviews. Famously, the company commissioned a photographic expendition along the Nile by the Victorian photographer, Francis Frith.

Circa 1900


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