Vintage shop counter bell for Red Bell Tobacco

Vintage shop counter bell for Red Bell Tobacco

Code: 10409


H: 9.5cm (3.7")Di: 11cm (4.3")


A vintage shop counter bell advertising Red Bell Tobacco.

This lovely Red Bell Tobacco shop counter bell is in original condition and working order. It would have been displayed on the counter of an old tobacconist's shop, customers ringing it to attract the attention of the shop keeper. There are the usual scuffs, marks, scratches and patches of surface rust to the bright red paint as expected from a well used item of this age and material. The cast bell and it's base are intact and it is free from any cracks or large chips. It has two holes to the base which would have been used to secure it to the desk or counter. The embossed white lettering to the base reads 'Red Bell Tobacco - smoke and enjoy'. This unusual example of vintage advertising would look great in any collection of tobacciana.


Circa 1928



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