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Original vintage advertising shop display for 'Selo Chrome Film'

£175.00 Including UK mainland shipping Approx $240.72, €204.92, £175

Code: 10331


W: 15cm (5.9")H: 15cm (5.9")L: 45cm (17.7")

A rare and unusual shop display for Selo Chrome Film. In the form of a packet of photography film this wonderful piece of vintage advertising would have been displayed in an old camera equipment and photography shop attracting passers by.

There are a few scuffs, marks and scrapes to the cardboard however the colours remain strong and vibrant and there are no major tears or dents. 


Circa 1950s

*Periflex 35mm film camera for scale. 

Please remember that you are purchasing vintage items. They have lived a life and will have the age related wear which gives the items their original and unique character.

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